Scoble’s interesting post on the ‘expertise’ of everyman.

Economic Idiocy‘ is an interestingly downbeat post by a generally upbeat personality. It is interesting not just from the current context of the big failure being faced by the US economy. More interesting, in my opinion, was his questioning the intellect of the collective – of the masses. He has managed to pinpoint the exact issue with a decentralised system, it just takes a small critical mass to cause a wave and not all waves are necessarily well thought out or even healthy in the long run. At the same time the other end of the spectrum is to live in a gilded cage of a centralised system. I have often thought about these things. However the way Scoble put it out there and the fact that ‘he’ did (I did not expect such a cynical view from blogosphere’s and disrptive media’s biggest fanboy) – made me link him here for the 2-3 people who visit me.

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Back to a Bloggish[sic] white

I loved the DePo Masthead theme but only having 3 posts on my site was just not working for me – too much extra work for me to ensure that all my new posts had links on the front page.
So while I am still experimenting with that theme, I am doing it somewhere else and in the meantime I am changing the theme again for this site. This theme is called The Journalist. Of course both these themes are available in the design section of I could probably play with css files to change the last theme to my needs but that is a paid upgrade and I am happy keeping my blogging endeavours free:)