A changeup for day 4 – A greek song – Παλιά πληγή

The song is “Old Wound” by  Thanasis Papakonstantinou. A beautiful song come my way thanks to my friend Raghu and his friend Christos. Thank you very much Christos for introducing me to this beautiful artist.


Review: Life

Life by Keith Richards
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Really enjoyed this book. That was actually a bit surprising to me as I have never been a Rolling Stones fan, more cause I have never really heard a lot of their music. Except for a slightly dragged start it was quite a fast read.

While his drug adventures did not make the most riveting read, he did leave me a bit confused. I assume at the end of it all he does look down on drugs but his overall attitude towards it was not black and white clear, in my opinion – which was not what I expected in these politically correct days.

However I really enjoyed the chunk of the book. Whenever he speaks about his music and his tools of the trade the book takes on a whole new feel. It is pretty evident, even with the help of a ghostwriter, that his music is very important to him. His reggae influences, his rock and roll and blues background, almost all these points are touched upon.

The other area which was interesting was the material on the people in his life and his interactions with them. Obviously his interaction with Mick Jagger figures prominently, but I was happy that he did not harp on it more than needed. A pleasant addition was putting in quotation from others who added other perspectives to episodes in his life.

All in all a nice autobiography. It has made me really interested in the man and his music and I see myself listening to a lot of Rolling Stones in the future.

A small point which might have influenced me positively towards this book is the fact that I am learning how to play the guitar presently. So reading a master of the art talk about some of its dark secrets was both educative and inspirational.

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Music blast from the past – my early days of listening to English songs

I started quite late wrt listening to english songs, probably around my 7th std. From then till my junior college I listened to quite an assorted collection, more due to what was available at hand rather than any specific choice.

Today I was trying to remember some of the songs I heard at that age and ended up creating an interesting playlist (at least I think so) Maybe you may like it too