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Hello Again

And I am back here … to my crucible again. Hi anyone still listening !

Brazil – Colombia 2014 Qtr Finals Match 2

It was a decent match with Colombia trying as much As Brazil. However they could not cause an upset, though they get one goal giving them some hope towards the end of the match.

Personally I was again not very impressed by Fred, though I must admit that he seemed to be helpful in supporting roles during the set pieces. David Luiz’s beautiful free kick was the fantastic moment of this match for me.

The sad part was Silva getting a second yellow and Neymar getting injured. This means that Brazil is looking to play an in-form Germany with two of their key players. It will be interesting how the semis plays out.

The other concerning area was the aggression from Colombian players. They might have felt miffed at not getting cards but at times it looked like they wanted to incite full on violence on the field. Not something you want to see at such a world eve


Final Result: Brazil wins: 2:1

France – Germany 2014 Qtr Finals Match 1

I had not seen a lot of the France matches, so Germany was my clear favourite. And they won! Nothing much more to write about it. Now, don’t get me wrong, it was not as boring as 1-0 scoreline would signify. Still it was a decent match and that’s about it. Bye Bye Le Bleu.


Now if my second prediction of Brazil come through then I am hoping for a fun semis.


Final result: Germany wins 1-0