Round of 16 done and dusted

This is one of the best World Cups ever, and all this before we even reach the quarter finals. The fact that all the group leaders went through speaks for their will power to win. Having said that almost all the matches were an absorbing affair and it has truly been a festival of goals as well as an exhibition of good goalkeeping. 

As for my predictions, I seem to have sided with all the winners except poor US. So the plan progresses as per my ad-hoc dream to see a Brazil – Argentina finals 🙂


As it stand the quarter finals matches are as follows:

1. Germany v/s France

        I am supporting German now, though I am going to change camp if Brazil meets them in the semis.

2. Brazil v/s Colombia

        Brazil all the way. I do hope that they solve their defense issues and Neymar starts finding the back of the net. And I hope Fred does not start 🙂

3. Argentina – Belgium

      No doubt Argentina are my favourites. Messi Messi!

4. Netherlands – Costa Rica

     Despite the diving charges on Robben i must say he has been impressive. Sometime he looked the only European who does not feel the fatigue of the American heat. Nonetheless Costa Rica is also in form so it will not be an easy win (unless Costa Rica give too much respect to Netherlands)

I would love Netherlands to win, just because of the entertainment they have given us, and for the fact that I would like the Europeans to fight for bronze.

Let the final chapters begin.


Belgium – USA Ro16 Match 8

I missed this match but heard from friends that it was quite an entertaining match. The one case where I tossed a coin turned out to be a poor gamble with US losing out. However this US team did give the fans something to cheer in these world cup finals.

Final Result: Belgium wins 2:1

Argentina – Switzerland Ro16 Match 7

Switzerland worked really really hard on containing Messi, but Argentina still broke through. Not the most fantastic of wins, but it was revealing how Messi was attracting upto 3 defenders at one time. That man is fantastic and i would love to see him in the Finals. Rest of the team are alright.

Final score: Argentina wins 1:0

Germany – Algeria Ro16 Match 6

Another fantastic match. If Nigeria played great Algeria were fantastic. At one point it looked like they would successfully hold Germany till the penalties. Germany did finally break through in extra time with two goals. Algeria got back a consolation goal at the last second and in some way it was deserving for the fantastic game they had.

There was one aspect that I noticed in both this match and the France-Nigeria one. While both Nigeria and Algeria played great I think they gave their opponents too much respect, focusing on containing them rather than trying to win the match. I wonder if a little more aggressive outlook would have helped them cause an upset.

Final result: Germany wins 2-1


France – Nigeria Ro16 Match 5

Was looking forward to this match but looking at France’s form I did think that it would be easy sailing for them. Was pleasantly surprised by Nigeria. They played with a lot of skill as well as will keep French back for quite a long time. Alas France did break through in the second half and managed a 2-0 win. So France reaches the quarter finals.