Pages I Envy!!!

Masters of the written word:

Sarat and his surreal yet earthy, stark yet glamourous Meltdown Chronicles
– my mentor in the ways of the word.

Inanities, Bagatelles; Petunias and whale blubber – if you want more of the same hop over to Dr. Blogger (aka Dr. Raoul Jetley)
– thank you for the music J

A blog by a youngling, going Que Sera Sera
– will it for ever be so?

Special mention of Aparna who sadly has decided to stop publishing her diary for now – hope she gets back on the web soon. I shall reserve this place for your return.

Getting there very soon:

Nev has taken the shark by it’s horns (sic) and Michael learns to Fish! – good for you Nev.

Emotional Favourites:

Mr. ToBeMBA-And-Brother-Of-Above has halted his coming back to life
– (Enfield Owner)
Rohan’s “Coming Back To Life” has indeed come back to life 🙂

The Scientific/Technical Temper:

To read and understand Sibin you do need a Context Switch

I hope a little chaos does not frighten you \n 🙂

Men Maange More maverick:

And he shall ever remain Annon

The Dog House – for good and great bloggers too busy (read lazy) to blog:

Prime Examplus: Title_ToBeDecided … a Lazy Genius indeed.
– (Enfield Owner)

Mr. Enfield-MBA-Married-And-Too-Busy-To-Blog and his Rover
– (Obviously Enfield Owner)

Another Lazy Mallu who does not Speak Out! anymore.
– (Enfield Owner)

Another Lazy Mr. WouldBeMBA-Who-Is-TOO-Busy-To-Inform-Friends-About-his-Engagement. Typical of a Piscean !

My Emotional Favourite:
Hate this guy’s multifaceted talent 😦 😉 Anyway at least he thinks he does no clear Thinking

Two other very emotional blogs for me do not exist – Soumya has pulled herself out and Maggi fears baring herself to the world. Wish they would write as both write beautifully and powerfully.

My Own:
My Watering Hole
Earlier I was but a Glitch in The Matrix
Someday I will dump all my thoughts in my Pensieve.


4 thoughts on “Pages I Envy!!!

  1. Huh?! Sadly, not only is your judgement of “The Meltdown Chronicles” far off the mark, it will also lead to performance anxiety for me.

    After all, as I was discussing with Pranav very recently, far gone are the days when we were 18 (or less) and being “up” to the task at “hand” wasn’t a problem – au contraire it was not being … that was a hard problem to solve (all puns intended!). These days though, being up to it is a chore even without the stress. You’ve only added to it my friend!

    While returning the favour to you would actually be justified simply on the basis that “You’re the Inspiration” (Ahh Chicago! How I thought you were such a good band, and how I feel so often these days I grossly misjudged you – the band that is!) from the start, I shall refrain from it so as to not cause you the accompanying anxiety and stress which you have undoubtedly and intentionally caused me! Original inspiration (ah the oxymorons we can invent) be damned!

    You better be watching your back(side) though! Bending over could lead to serious consequences. And no – I don’t mean a shoe print.

  2. Sarat, I beg to differ. I think your writing’s one of the most powerful I read.
    I still think you should work on more short stories as well.

    You have a brain, and you can wield the word. What else does one want..

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