Netherland – Mexico Ro16 Match 3

This match was a roller coaster ride. With the dull first half, including a penalty which I think Netherlands deserved to be given (I think if Robben had not been the one fouled they would have got it) to a second half full of drama. At one point it really felt that Mexico was through, and I think they made the same mistake – deciding to play defence even though a lot of the game was left. The goal by Dos Santos was a beauty but the one from Schneider was sublime and timely. 

Then came the infamous penalty which Robben earned. People are still split on this decision with many shouting that he had dived. It was clear he had dived before, something he confessed to, but this one seemed legit. At least as close to legit as possible where benefit of doubt has to go to the attacking team.

Anyways all of these points are just ifs and buts, and Mexico have the referee as the fall guy – at the end of the day there was a penalty given during injury extra time and Netherlands won.

If Netherlands play like they did in the first half there is no hope for them this year too – however if they play like they did in the second half (sans Robben’s theatrics) they will be a pleasure to watch throughout.


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