Round of 16 starts in World Cup 2014

My plans to write on every game I enjoyed did not work out thanks to a combination of time issues and broadband woes. Nonetheless I did manage to catch some of the fun matches and will write on them later, if only as a form of notes to the future me.

Suffice it to say that I have been enjoying the world cup and hope the same fast flowing game continues till the end.


As I write this Brazil has started its Round of 16 match with Chile. I thought it would be opportune time to do something that I have been resisting through the finals till now, and that is to make some predictions.

So here goes nothing,


Round of 16 matches

1. Brazil v/s Chile  

    This is bittersweet for me as I have like both these teams. It is natural to support Chile as underdogs but I really find this Brazil team as really enjoyable to match. So for this year I think I will support Brazil to go through.

[edit: game at 1:1 already]

2. Colombia v/s Uruguay

   I was all for Uruguay this time around but it was all based on Suarez’s magic. One did not count on his biting personality though. I don’t see any way he will play today, and based on Colombia pretty decently I think I will be supporting Colombia.

3. Netherland v/s Mexico

   This is another bittersweet one for me. Though I think Netherland might win this one it would be really interesting if Mexico can go through. Still for now supporting Netherland.

4. Costa Rica v/s Greece

   It was surprising seeing Greece sneak into the round of 16 but I have loved Costa Rica’s play so Costa Rica for me.

5. France v/s Nigeria

   I have seen some of the matches with both the teams and both seem to be flowing well. Based on previous experiences I would support France for now.

6. Germany v/s Algeria

   Majorly impressed with this German team. So even though Algeria managed to push their way into the round of 16 I think Germany should go through.

7. Argentina v/s Switzerland

   Argentina without doubt. Apart from the fact that I missed most of Switzerland’s games Argentina and Messi have been a treat to watch. I do worry that only Messi seems to have scored but Argentina is know to get better as tournaments proceed.

8. Belgium v/s USA

   Another game which I don’t have a clear favourite. So voting for US if only by a whisker.


The way I would love this go is it Brazil v/s France/Germany as the first semi and Argentina v/s Netherlands in the second. That should be a good mix of European football v/s American football.


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