Brazil 3 – 1 Croatia

The 2014 Copa do mundo was kicked off last night and I really enjoyed the starting fixture. The experts seem to feel it was a damp affair, but I had fun watching the game. I guess I have been so out of the game that I am looking at everything with a new eye and that is making this world cup really exciting for me.

Coming back to the day, the opening ceremony was ok at best. The performers did a good job, I think, but doing it in daytime and with formations that were really sparse it did not make that much of an impact. I am still not a fan of the world cup song and the artists were also not that great. Worst aspect was the sound, they did not take out a special feed for TV. So all one heard was the ridiculous reverbation from within the stadium. For a land of music and dance they really could have done a better job.


Almost all teams are completely new to me and I was looking forward to watching them play. In the match I supported Brazil just because. As a Brazil supporter the one bad call that the referee made – which at the time I did think was a penalty, but after later replays I must admit it was a soft call – was sheepishly supported by me 😀 


It was still fun to watch Neymar and Oscar play. I was really impressed with the way Oscar was running circles around the defenders. The ball possession was also very good. Kudos to the Croatian defence on doing quite a good job of keeping Brazil at bay.


Of course all goals were by Brazilians, thanks to the Marcelo’s self goal 🙂

My favourite goal of this match has to be the last one by Oscar. He truly deserved one and the way he got it was sublime.


Good start of the competition – with the weekend approaching I am looking forward to catching up on many more matches.

Pluses of the day

– watching Neymar and Oscar play

– Good game

– no draw

– Peter Crouch, trying to make the best of the situation

Minuses of the day

– Wonky penalty call

– lots of yellow cards

– average opening ceremony

– Cafe Rio

– Runny Nose John Abraham


Final Score





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