An education a day

Well written post which gels with a lot of my thinking on the matter.


I watched a video today. It was a young Indian instructing a roomful of young Indians. The session started with an overview of the hour to follow and then an introduction to the topic, which was fairly technical in nature. My understanding is that if you’re instructing a roomful of rookies on a subject of your expertise, it’s obvious their level of familiarity and questioning will be rudimentary in comparison. Nonetheless, the instructor assumed his “teaching position”, which was belly thrust out, hands on waist and a stance of challenge to the rest of the group.

“So, how many of you can tell me what <technical subject> means?”

A few answers filtered in.

He pounced on the first one and mockingly repeated it back.

I paused the video at that point to take a deep breath because I was really angry. In that one instant, six years of undergraduate and graduate…

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