Lunch at Incognito, Phoenix Market City, Pune

After a long time I met up with a couple of my friends Akshay and Atul for lunch. I left the venue to them as they were more attuned to what was good in Pune. From my side the only request was that I would love to have steak.

While their first choice was Cafe Mocambo we found out that they would be closing for renovations. As a result of this we went to the alternate choice of Incognito. Had heard fairly decent reviews of this place so felt safe enough to spend time there catching up with friends.


None of us were in a beer state of mind so we went for Long Island Iced Teas and Mojitos. It was a good thing that we did not want the beer cause there were not many choices with only a draught and a Corona to choose from. I believe they need to expand their beer inventory.


Anti Pasti
Anti Pasti

To kick off lunch we ordered two starters. The first was an AntiPasti. We had to choose three our of an assortment of choices and we went with Feta, Garlic Eggplant and Mushroom. This turned out to be an okay dish. The Feta was waaaay salty making it close to inedible. The Eggplant had no taste of garlic and no character. However the mushroom one was really nice. So just pass marks for this one.

Water chestnuts wrapped in Bacon
Water chestnuts wrapped in Bacon

We went on to another starter which was a complete gamble from our end. Bacon wrapped around water chestnuts with some glaze on top. We were totally unsure on what to expect – and we were blown away. The bacon was sizzling and perfectly ready to melt in the mouth and its savoury taste and texture was oh-so nicely balanced by just the right amount of crunch of the water chestnuts. Fantastic stuff. The sauce and the rocket were just cherries on top of the the cream. Each of us were in our very own gourmet heavens when we were eating, nay, savouring this dish. Beautiful, top marks.

Main Dish:

We then moved on to the main dish with each of us choosing a different one.

Akshay tried out a German pork dish. It was ok but the pork felt a bit overcooked and maybe not that fresh. The potatoes were creamy and tasty though.

Pork Dish
Pork Dish

Atul had Chicken Cacciatore and he liked it.

Chicken Cacciatore
Chicken Cacciatore [photo credit: Atul Karmarkar]
I had a very lucky day with my choice – Fillet Mignon. This is what reached my table.

Fillet Mignon
Fillet Mignon

Beautifully textured buoyant juicy piece of tenderloin on a bed of mash it looked heavenly. All three of us were suitably impressed. I would like to take a moment to commend the great plating done. All dishes looked great in their presentation and this one was no different. It promised much, this dish, and it was with a bit of trepidation that I sliced it open. However my worries were for naught, for this was a fantastic piece of meat right there. Much better than the one I had at Marriott my words would not do justice to this particular piece of meat. So I will shut my trap and let the photos show the eventual fate of this offering.

Fillet Mignon - midway through destruction
Fillet Mignon – midway through destruction

And then there was none…

Fillet Mignon - All Done
All Done


I was full at this point but Akshay and Atul tried out two of the desserts, Apple Crumble and ChocolateChocolate Crème brûlée, and both passed the muster.

Chocolate Crème brûlée
Chocolate Crème brûlée
Apple Crumble
Apple Crumble

So all in all, except for the total failure of the Feta and the ok nature of the eggplant and pork it was very nice fare. The highlights without doubt were the Water Chestnuts wrapped in Bacon and the Filet Mignon (the latter was truly value for money)

The restaurant itself was quite cool with nice decor and beautiful photos on its walls. The atmosphere was relaxed and we had a very good conversation. The waiters did not rush us and all in all we had a wonderful afternoon there. I would certainly be visiting Incognito again and inspite of some gaffes it gets very high marks from me.


4 thoughts on “Lunch at Incognito, Phoenix Market City, Pune

  1. Raoul, this dish was a revelation as normally you do not expect much taste out of a water chestnut. In this case it provided just the right amount of blandness to the strong bacon with a fantastic crunch to add to the texture. Heaven

  2. I still have dreams of the water chestnuts / bacon dish. It was heaven.

    Also the fillet mignon was the best cut of meat I’ve had in Pune.

    Good review.

    One suggestion – can you add the URL of this blog to your g+ profile?

    1. Akshay, thanks for the kind comment mate. About the blog url, it is there? In the profile it shows under “other profiles” I will see if there is some way to make it jump out.

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