More money “Flys” from my wallet to Flipkart

Flipkart recently expanded their site offering with digital content. Specifically music mp3s at good quality (upto 320 kbps) where possible. DRM-free. And rates were decent too, especially if all you want is one song from an album.

I have tried out the digital shop and love it. The main clincher for me that there are a lot of songs available that are not easily found in my neighborhood brick and mortar shop. For example I scored a Robert Johnson album, something I been looking for ever since I saw Crossroads (no! not the Britney Spears one!).

Is everything perfect? Probably not. The search gets some getting used to and the rates for latest hits might not be as affordable as one might want. However it is a good start and a great way to allow us to get good music legally. I just hope that they keep adding a lot of music which might be niche. Their greatest market could be catering to people like me who do not get what they want in the neighborhood store (read – music not in current favor :))

My personal grouch, everytime I visit it I feel the urge to shell out more cash. For eg. I just went there today to get the url links and found an irresistible album by Papon


Oh! I forgot to mention, the digital store is called Flyte. Please excuse the rotten English in the title, a poor attempt at a pun.



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