Social Network

Just watched Social Network on Tata Sky Showcase.

Theatrical release poster of The Social Network
Theatrical release poster (from the Wikipedia article)

For one reason or another I had not been able to catch this movie till now.
Was very interested to watch it as I had quite like the book “The Accidental Billionaires“. I am always apprehensive about movie versions of books but in this case the fear was unfounded.
It was a good movie and, if I remember correctly, true to the book. I would not put it at the same level as “The Pirates of Silicon Valley” but it was a good movie on its own stead. Just not an iconic one though.
I did like all the main actors and was pleasantly surprised by Justin Timberlake’s acting. I specifically found it ironic that the actor playing “Sean Parker” is a pop star from the very same industry which was affected by and later attacked Napster. The editing while interesting, seemed to be a bit confusing to me with respect to plot points. In my case I got the timelines as I had already read the book. not sure if it was that easy for people who did not read the book or ones who had no idea about the history.

All in all a pleasant watch.


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