Kindle 3 reaches the Whiz’s lair – unboxing and first impressions

The Kindle 3 has landed – after much hand-wringing and depression it is finally here (coincidently arriving on the day of my star birthday or birthday as per hindu calender). Never tried an unboxing blog before but the endorphins are so high that here goes nothing.

This Kindle arrived in my hand via UK and I had been following it like a hawk. Both the Kindle and it’s cover (which was shipped earlier) arrived safe and sound and much earlier than their estimate. Fantastic!

i had pre-ordered the 6-inch Kindle3 with 3G and Wi-Fi on the 8th of August

Here are a few photos of the unboxing of the Kindle.

The boxes

Kindle and Leather cover in Boxes
Kindle and Leather Cover in their respective boxes

Kindle encosed in a protective womb
Relative sizes of Kindle3 v/s a normal paperback

The Kindle is so light(just 8.7 ounces) it blew my breath away – and while small in size the screen size is not too bad. The lightness of being – beautiful!

Paperback + ink = e-ink πŸ˜‰

In Box - Getting started guide

In box - USB charger and data cable

Kindle Leather Cover in box

Kindle Leather Cover in box

Cover open with light extended. The leads you seeing the central spine take power from the Kindle itself and use it to power the LED lights

Unboxing done I got to play with the Kindle. After removing th transparent covers this is what I saw.

First look at Kindle

As you can see there is a note with instructions. Since I have seen n such printout notes stuck onto almost all electronic gadget I wasted no time in trying to remove the note from the screen. At that moment i felt the pain Duryodhan went through in Indraprastha when he embarrassed himself in the hall of illusions. That note was the screen itself. I just could not believe my eyes, especially since I expected that i would have to charge the device before the screen even lights up. It was a real “WOW!!!” moment.
Even after I followed the instructions and the screen refreshed I could not believe my eyes. And before I could get my head around the magnificent display I saw that all the books I was hoarding over Amazon over the last three days were getting downloaded through EDGE. Within a few minutes I had my entire archive with me. FAN-TAS-TIC!!! A real endorphin rush!.

Starting up for the first time. Love the image of the boy reading under the tree. Reminds of great summer holidays in my native place under the mango tress.

A message from Jeff Bezos welcoming the customer to the Kindle. Love the display πŸ™‚ In the background are friends congratulating me on twitter

The positives till this point.
1. Love the form factor
2. LOVE the e-ink display
3. Love the whispernet synch
4. Love the Wi-fi connection too (which I tried later)
5. Love the weight
6. Tried some highlighting, some annotation, looking up on dictionary and buying directly off the device. Love it all.
7. The 5-way cursor is cool too.
8. The keyboard is ok for occasional typing.

Things still not comfortable with
1. Tend to think of the screen as touch screen
2. On both sides the lower big button moves book forward by a page and the upper smaller buttons move the book backwards by a page. Problem is that my gut instinct is to use the right side button to move the book forward and the left side button to move it back. I guess I will lose this habit once it is in the cover and I have access only to the right side.
3. I forgot to order the European adaptor. So now charging is only through USB. Not a big issue but I would have loved to have that option.

Coming back to the leather cover. I had ordered Kindle Lighted Leather Cover from Amazon. Check out the leads on the spine and corresponding slots on the edge of the Kindle3.

Slots on edge of Kindle corresponding to the leads on the cover

Kindle tucked in tight

Closer look at point of connection between Kindle and it's cover

Pros of cover
1. Looks like it will provide very good protection
2. The light attachment is really cool. Check this video with some patience. Shot in a dark bedroom, the little light bleeding in around mid-video is the E71 flash.

3. It looks like I am carrying a book when closed. I always feel better if people do not know what I have with me πŸ˜‰

1. There is only one con I have faced right now and that is it’s weight. It is all of 15 ounces. After handling the Kindle on it’s own, the cover + Kindle feels very heavy. Hopefully I will get used to it.

To do:
Need to check up on web access and text-to speech. Also need to check on voice commands.

So all in all a great device – and I haven’t even started using it yet πŸ™‚ Thanks to my better half for the birthday gift. Also thanks to @mcurie, the conversation with her revved up my desire for this device.

Now all I need is an iPAD and a Desire and I will be content πŸ˜‰

P.S: Apologies for orientation of some of the images – too sleepy to rectify now – i will change it later if required.


5 thoughts on “Kindle 3 reaches the Whiz’s lair – unboxing and first impressions

  1. Nice! Quite a professional unpacker, eh? πŸ™‚

    Can’t wait to hear your impressions on how this changed your already voracious reading habits.

    1. Currently reading “Arnold – the education of a bodybuilder” and “Neuromancer” on the Kindle (of course the first book I read on the Kindle was the The Kindle Guide :P) Books bought from Amazon – “Neuromance” and “Hitchhiker’ Guide to the Galaxy”.

      Also reading “I Am Spock”, “Sign of the Cross” “Taming the Infinite” and “Five Families” in print

      Don’t twan, you asked πŸ˜‰

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