The semis are here

Finally close to the end of a wonderful journey with the top football teams of the world. Today it will be Uruguay taking on Netherlands. Spain will attack Germany tomorrow.

For the first match I will be supporting Uruguay. I think it would be a wonderful for a country like Uruguay if they are in the finals. Could make South America more than just Brazil and Argentina. Also while the Dutch team has been competent I personally have not enjoyed their game (as opposed to say, Germany) Also it will be a long shot for sure (with the way The Dutch are playing + the red card on Suarez). So Uruguay it is for today.

Tomorrow’s match will be my finals. Germany is playing a beautiful game on the offensive and are their normal efficient self defensively. They face Spain who have in their own way been getting better over the course of this cup. The odds being with Germany I will support Spain šŸ˜€

Really my choice is the childlike hope of an amateur who wants to see two first time finalists. Let’s see if silly dreams come true šŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “The semis are here

  1. Umm… Uruguay are two-time world champions, wouldn’t quite have been first time finalists. Personally, I’m hoping for a first time champion myself, so rooting for a Netherlands vs. Spain final.

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