Quarter Finals Predictions – World Cup 2010

Netherlands – Brazil


This is as per my prediction and am hoping this will be afun game. Reason I say ‘hope’ is because I am concerned aboutBrazil. Specifically I hope they do not become defensive and foul all over theplace. I think Netherlands is a very good team but it can be defeated by Brazilif they play aggressive, open and keep possession. My vote is for Brazil towin. So no changes in my voting there.


Uruguay – Ghana


This did not go according to my earlier plan. Uruguay sailedthrough but Ghana defeated USA. Well deserved win by Ghana so that’scool, but the question is whether they can defeat Uruguay too. In my opinionUruguay is not the greatest team but they are smooth operators and are peakingright now. If they continue their momentum and get ahead Ghana will find itdifficult to survive. I expect Uruguay to win this one.


Argentina – Germany


What a match-up! I foolishly bet on England in the lastround. Still enjoyed the way Germany thrashed them. This match will be epic andI believe the onus will be on Argentina to win this one. It is imperative thatthey play positively and try to win in normal time. If the match goes topenalties things will not look rosy for Messi. I will stick to my earlier votefor Argentina.


Paraguay – Spain


Again made a silly bet on Portugal. Again thoroughly enjoyedthe well deserved thrashing they gave Portugal. Ronaldo should get “Themost inconsequential captain of the tournament” award. Looking at the waySpain played, and the way Paraguay scraped through I think I will have tochange my vote and go for Spain winning this one. I am actually egging them onto win as Argentina – Spain will be another fantastic match-up


Overall the round of 16 was fun. Here’s to thequarterfinals. May it be worthy of a world cup


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