Brazil crashes out again

There goes my dream of watching an Argentina-Brazil finals. In fact seeing the debacle of Brazil in the second half I would not be surprised if Germany wins over Argentina tomorrow making it a final of Netherlands v/s Germany. That would makes the stats go for a spin would it not, 4 South American teams in the Quarters and an European team takes the cup.

Coming back to the match what happened there ??? The easy answer would be Felipe Melo – he has the potential for being the fall-guy for this one. Self goal which allowed Netherlands back into the match followed by unnecessary frustration resulting in a red card when Brazil needed all 11 players !!! However that would be too easy would it not? I mean this is the number 1 team we are talking about. We are talking about Kaka the golden boy, who once again could not find the net. We are talking of Fabiano, where was he in this match?  In fact forget all the names and let’s talk of the team. They are 2-1 down with at least 20 more minutes. Time for a world cup winning team to prove their mettle. Sadly this team disintegrated – they never looked like they could equalize. Maicon kept running and Kaka and Robinho kept trying but there was no winning attitude that was visible. In fact the only person who seemed to think they had a chance and who did not waste time with things that could not be changed (like referees decisions) was Lucio. The refereeing was very weak again but that’s no excuse for Brazil’s game. There can never be an excuse for such a game.
‘nyways, football experts and fanatics who are much more knowledgeable than me will surely come up with the reasons in more accurate detail. As a simple fan I am dejected that this team let me down again 😦
And for the record Netherlands defeated Brazil 2-1. Great play by Netherlands (and I guess an Oscar for Robben will be much deserved)

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