Round of 16 predictions

We enter the exciting part of the tournament – the knockouts, the round of sixteen. You screw, you’re through!!!

Try as I might I still have not gained any great insight on football so I am going to do my usual armchair punditry and decide on who I think will win, using my great intuition powers 🙂

A great one page sheet of the knockout stages, all the way to the finals, is available for printing at the Fifa match site.

Round of 16:
26th June 
1st match URU KOR :
Uruguay all the way. Will not be easy against the Koreans though. They will have to fight against some real speed in my opinion. If they play positive and get the first goal in they should be alright.
[EDIT 27th June: The result was as expected but in no way was it a sure thing. Uruguay made the error of defending their slender 1 goal lead and were punished by the Korean equaliser. A sweet goal from Suarez towards the last quarter of the game helped Uruguay avoid extra-time and progress to the next round. Great job by S.Korea, loss notwithstanding]

2nd match USA GHA :
My heart would like Ghana to go through as a representative for the African nations but I do not believe that will happen. USA are playing pretty well and should be able to exploit Ghana’s weaknesses.
[EDIT 27th June: A-ha, should have followed my heart in this one. Ghana won, with two beautiful goals by Prince and Gyan. Did USA deserve to lose? I think yes. If a team cannot score a single goal (their solitary goal came off a penalty kick)  n 90 mins of normal play and 30 mins of extra time they really do not deserve to go to the next round. I guess now FIFA will lose a lot of TRP stateside 🙂 ]

27th June
1st match ARG MEX :
Love the energy of the Mexicans but feel Argentina will win this. My head and heart are together on this one. I hope they do win, else it will be a major upset and a KLPD for their fans.

[EDIT 28th June: Argentina wins. Mexico plays well. Good game with lots of unnecessary drama]
2nd match GER ENG :
This one is a difficult one to call for the heart or the mind. Normally in this setup I would tend to support England to go through but Germany is a favourite too. So this one will go to the toss I believe. Frankly I do not care who wins so I will take a long shot and say Germany
[EDIT 28th June: Should have listened to either my head or my heart here 🙂 Unnecessarily made a long shot. Germany won, England imploded. More info here.]

28th June
1st match NED SVK :
The confident way the Netherlands has been going about their business I expect them to win this one. Slovakia will find that this is no Italy that they face.

[EDIT 2nd July: Result was as expected match was meh! Slovakia seemed to have forgotten that they were in the world cup]
2nd match BRA CHI :
My favourite for this match will without doubt is Brazil. They should win this if they play positive and attacking football from the get-go. Chile is a good team but seeing their game yesterday t looks like it may not be impossible to defend against them.
[EDIT 2nd July: This started off as a tight match but Chile lost their way. Brazil seem to be more confident now. Hope they do not peak before the finals]

29th June
1st match PAR JPN
Paraguay for the win, I hope. Hope, because it is no way a certainty. Looking at Japan’s last game they can be a handful and Paraguay has not been playing to the level of their S.American neighbours.

[EDIT 2nd July: This one was much tighter than the scores showed but eventually the point was that neither team could score in 120 minutes of normal and extra time play. So it went to a gamble of penalties and I got the result I wanted :)]
2nd Match ESP POR :
This will be one tough match. I would loe Portugl to win this but looking at the way Spain played yesterday it could go either ways. Should be a fun match, if not too many fouls are committed. For now I will back Portugal.
[EDIT 2nd July: This one was a beautiful match to watch, unless you were a hardcore Portugese supporter. Even goans were supporting Spain after watching their game. It was a beautiful example on how to shut one team down. Spain has come back to their Europe beating form. Portugal were lacklustre to say the least]
So those are my predictions. Hence the teams moving on, according to me are URU Uruguay, USA USA, NED Netherlands, BRA Brazil, ARG Argentina, ENG England, PAR Paraguay and POR Portugal. Whom are you putting your money on?
[EDIT 2nd July: Final teams going forward are: URU Uruguay, GHA Ghana, NED Netherlands, BRA Brazil, ARG Argentina, GER Germany, PAR Paraguay and ESP Spain. So that’s 5 correct and 3 wrong decisions 😀 ]

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3 thoughts on “Round of 16 predictions

    1. Honestly I had thought England would be out in the group stages itself. Personally I want Argentina to move on, so it does not matter whoever wins ENG-GER. Hence for an element of fun I am voting against both my heart and head and voting for England.

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