Drinking the World Cup Kool Aid

After watching (and sleeping, at times) through many World Cup matches I think I have reached a point where I need to get off the fence and stop saying “may the best team win”. Since I had come into the world cup with little to no info on the teams it has been an interesting cup till the date. 

The first thing I do was immerse myself into this world cup by make everything around me World Cup based.

1. Mobile caller tune – set to Wavin’ Flag.  (an acoustic version here)

2. Chrome theme set to Brazil. Find your favourite team’s theme here

3. Twitter theme set to World Cup 2010. The design page has new dark theme for it. 

4. Final change, thinking of setting my ringtone to Waka Waka

By tomorrow we will have the battle lines readied for the second round. The first round took us through a spectrum of feelings, from being zombified to exhilaration beyond expectation. Hopefully the second round onwards will be more of the latter. There is hope for it as the more attacking teams seem to have got through.

My take on the teams:

Group A     :

LOVED Uruguay  Had not seen them in this form before. My fav from this group. Loved Mexico  too but just a tad less than Uruguay 🙂  Really enjoyed the attacking and open football from both teams. France  was my emotional favourite before the game but man, did they disappoint! (I have even more respect for Zidane now.) Totally useless team, this one. South Africa, they came they played better than France, ’nuff said.

Group B     :

This is one group where I missed a lot of the matches played. From highlights I can see that Argentina are on their most beautiful form ever! Hope they go all the way to the finals. Of the remaining the only dejection for me is that Nigeria lost out to Greece. I felt they were a good team. In fact,I felt that Nigeria, Ghana and Ivory Coast represented the African nations admirably.

Group C     :

Lets first get to the England, land of EPL. Consistently they managed to under-perform. Only word for the team – meh! (or as @b50 would say: L#*dfakirs) Wish Slovenia had gone through to the next round. The sad thing is that this England team looked really strong on paper to me, though why Heskey is still in the team is beyond me!. USA was a wiff of fresh air. As is usual for the “rest of the world” contingent; I came in prejudiced against them. They are winning me over though and I have been extremely happy with their game. One small point in their favour is their uniforms. Rather than having a flashy “we are USA, KINGS of the world” they have this muted blue with a sash, reminding me that they are part of the American continent. Real humble and respectful of the footballing traditions, even if they persist in calling it soccer.

Group D     :

Did not see many matches from this group. Favourite from group was Germany (an emotional favourite since 1990) Australia was stinking. That’s about I know about this group Ghana seemed to be playing alright though, and I guess deserved to go to the next round.

Group E     :

Cameroon disappointed and Netherlands played to potential. Japan surprised me in their final game – they were electric and unstoppable.  Let’s see what they do in the second round

Group F     :

Paraguay, a team I cheered for after a long long time, and well deserving too after playing beautiful matches. Not as smooth as the other South Americans; they were still a treat to watch. Slovakia did great to get into the next round, again some solid football. Solid football was played by the All Whites, aka New Zealand, too. Though they are out they will be going back home with their heads held high. Which brings us back to the crying, shouting, lying, and for once – talentless, Italy. Such a sorry excuse of a team. They were lousy! Karma, I say, after the way they won the cup last time around.

Group G     :

Brazil is back on the magic too. While their stars did not immediately click someone or the other was making things happen. That’s what counts in the end. And now the goals are flowing too.  A Brazil-Argentina final would be the best (not to self: need to check if it possible as per the groupings for the knockouts) They are both at or near their best. Portugal has confused me. Let me be frank, not a big fan of Portugal without Figo. And absolutely hate (or used to) Ronaldo. Their first game made me believe they would go the way of France and Italy or they would be insipid like England. However their match against PRK was magical. Granted PRK was not the greatest opponent but they did mange to restrict Brazil. If Portugal play in this form they can go a long way. Today we shall see if they can reproduce the magic against Brazil. Since both teams are going through I am looking forward to a game is open and attacking. The only sadness in this group is Ivory Coast not making it to the next round. However they have themselves to blame for not winning against an insipid Portugal in their first game. Still they played a great tournament. PRK, well they deseved to be in the tournament. Let’s hope their great leader does not take any revenge 😉

Group H    :

Not a big fan of this group but happy to see Chile getting through. Only interesting thing in the group is that we still do not know who among Spain and Switzerland will get into the next round. The matches tonight promise to be interesting. Either team going through would be alright I guess. Having said that, Switzerland has played beyond their billing and Spain has disappointed their build-up, so probably Switzerland going through would be justice. Let’s see how the dice rolls tonight.

As you might deduce I am extremely happy seeing the open style of the S. Americans ruling these games. Let’s hope they continue to entertain us for the rest of the games. 

Here’s a fun chant for Argentina to get the sound of vuvzelas out of your brain 🙂



2 thoughts on “Drinking the World Cup Kool Aid

  1. Nice, not entirely agree with all the evaluations though but thats natural – bongs and mallus would never agree on anything, especially fish and football ! I don’t know when ( or ever) I’d write a blog of mine but nice to see you getting back to writing…looking forward to more.

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