Amazon Kindle 2 review – Engadget review

"A lot of people are fond of calling the device an "iPod for books" as if that's just what most people want or require, and we're not so sure of that."

I guess that's what’s on top of everyone's mind – do we need a dedicated reader. Deepak has sold me to the idea that we do – but not at these prices!!! Will keep an eye open for the discoun season on his one:)


5 thoughts on “Amazon Kindle 2 review – Engadget review

  1. You don’t need a Kindle if you can read on your mobile. Convert pdf/lit/txt/ to images suited to your phone and read off it in picture viewer. Very convenient since you can read anywhere: waiting in line, bored in a shopping mall, etc. Have already read more than 10 novels which would not have been possible otherwise due to time constraints.

    1. I prefer the Mobipocket reader – currently going through the classics and a draft of Warbreaker. However cannot deny that there are times when we want a bigger screen and easier on the eyes text. Reading on mobile can start getting strenuous- of course by E71 is not bes suited for reading for a long time. Need to kick start my PDA again:)

  2. Oops. I meant iPhone and not iPod.

    For me either device seems overpriced. Maybe there will be a longitudinally folding screen device of some sort sometime in the future that you could carry in your coat jacket (just like a folded newspaper!).

    The key question though is – when people visit you – how do you show off to them what books you have if you can’t shelve them books anymore?

  3. I agree with Sujith … have read a bunch of books on the iphone using the Kindle Reader software and the Stanza software … very convenient to read text – and less bulky than the kindle.
    Now if the Kindle came in color and comic book publishers started publishing comics in kindle format – that would be something to watch out for.
    Of course a foldable/rollable screen(drool) doesn’t seem too far off in the future with the new LED displays …yaay to tekmology.

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