The view from my Balcony

First of all apologies for the crappy pics but I had my phone at hand and decided that better to take the pics than wait for another day.

I love my new home. My missus and I especially like out balcony. It faces away from the complex and towards a society of bungalows. As a result it is a wonderful place to laze around in our beanbags sipping tea, readying or working (well she does a lot of work there whenever the weather is fine)

Just some pics from my balcony:

1. Facing left:

Facing left - near
Facing left - near
Facing lft - farther
Facing lft - farther

2. Facing centre:

Facing centre
Facing centre

3. Facing right:

Facing right - nearer
Facing right - nearer

Facing right - farther
Facing right - farther

The balcony faces NE and the pics were taken after noon – hence the shadows.



5 thoughts on “The view from my Balcony

  1. Sarat, you already know about my new place – this is where I moved to in January.

    Yup Raoul – surprising you do not have beanbags yet. Of course I am sure you on a Lazyboy;)

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