kabhi khud pe hansa main …

… kabhi khud pe royyyyyyyaaaaaannnn.

Fantastic music – been high on it for the last week. To be entirely truthful it is not out of this world – but I have been so starved of listening to simple rock showish songs and guitar riffs that I cried when I heard these songs. It did help that the first I heard these songs were when watching the movie in Adlabs with very good acoustics:)

A good review of the music has been done at Harry’s site – so I will not review it as such.

The song which I really enjoyed were, in order,
. Pichle Saat Dinon Mein(especially the Live version) – this reminded me of Mood Indigo and the fun we used to have – the only thing missing was the sickly sweet smell of grass:)
. Tum Toh Ho – Maaan all forms of this song was fun – the second last time it was sung I was actually crying (well – almost;))
. Socha Hai – stupid and fun.
. Zehreelay – this was sung by Suraj Jaggan who was the front man for Chakraview – this song reminded me of I-Rock when Bangalore Trash metal and Heavy metal bands used to descend in B’bay – fun song in that genre.

Rock on was fine but nothing great to write home about – I wanted the refrain ‘Rock On’ to be more out there than it was. At Harry’s site someone correctly points out that the beautiful riff was present in Lakshya too – good observation there.

Update: I was listening to the songs on Raaga through my laptop speakers – just brought the CD today and I like the title track better now – it has got good guitar work.

I enjoyed Sindbad the Sailor too – though I just did not hear the lyrics when I was listening to it in the theatre – I was just so caught up in the mood as if it was a real rock show – this is a must-watch song.

In fact this is indeed a rock album – like Harry points out:

The music has been composed by Shankar Ehsaan Loy. The lyrics have been penned down by Javed Akhtar. At first look this might look like Farhan Akhtar’s private rock album. He has sung five out of the nine tracks in the album. And dude! He rocks! He certainly does.

And the fact is that most of the songs above are actually even more fun when you are watching it – but more on that when I drop a post on the movie itself.

so Njoy – Rock On!!!!

P.S: The songs link to lyrics and music – so you can have a mini karaoke – for listening to the whole album Raaga is better.


2 thoughts on “kabhi khud pe hansa main …

  1. Dude … welcome back 🙂 fun to see you writing again (its been pretty much a year to the date!!!!)
    I see that guitars and music are back in your life (pun intended)

    Cant agree more with you on the music of Rock On – have been greedily feeding on it for the past few weeks and hoping and praying that the movie is still playing in a month in B’bay

    Mood-I memories were spot on … was practically headbanging thru Sindbad the Sailor – fantastic show … all those feelings came back – esp with the Chakravyuh factor in it 😀
    good fun.
    rock on.

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