Back in White

Ok – alright – needed a kick up the backside – ’nuff said!
Had lost touch with writing – worse than a block really – actually wondering whether there is anything to write. As you can see been introspecting – a-ha you see through the lie – introspections do not last a year – well the truth is I have been very very lazy:)

I have been reading though – and sharing – I hope you have checking my shared items.

Also changed the theme now as it seemed the right time to try something new – let’s see how this experiment goes.

I am going to post this post as a sticky as it looks like I can show only three posts in this theme – I will link my week’s posts to this sticky – let’s see how that works.

To anyone still reading this blog welcome back – hopefully you will here-abouts in a more regular manner. Thanks for being here. For those reading this in their feed-reader thanks to you too – just pop in once in a while to just check on the site;)

Let’s start with a post on the music which that has captivate me for the last two days – At times I laughed at myself and at times I cried:)

reminded of some friends seeing Farhan play an U2 number.

a list of computer books that I liked.

in the name of the father by ABπŸ™‚

Trying out FriendFeed – my first link there was an interesting interview by Robert Scoble.

My friend was pointing out that I have been remiss regarding not informing people about my new home or sending them pics of the same. In fact this is exaggerated by the fact that last time around I bored the hell out of everyone I knew by even sending them the plans of my old home:) ‘nyways here are some pics I clicked this afternoon.


2 thoughts on “Back in White

  1. Kicks up the backside are better than having your nuts grabbed! πŸ˜‰ Sweet theme.

    Writer’s block/introspection is just a temporary loss of ego. Doesn’t suit us folks with large ones – egos that is. Bring it back up to speed and ramble on. πŸ™‚

    Haven’t seen “Rock On” yet – been recommended by several folks already, including Lalit, who visited us this past weekend.

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