very interesting blog post which I could not resist linking here.
Check out Terminal Folly at CopenHagen Cycle Chic
My favourite,


Let’s straighten things out, shall we? What you see in the photo above, taken in Copenhagen, is something we call a “cyclist”.

Not a “bicycle commuter”, nor a “utility cyclist”. Certainly not a “lightweight, open air, self-powered traffic vehicle user”. It’s a cyclist.



One thought on “K.I.S.S

  1. Damn! Just short of the year mark.

    Ah well. Lets start counting down again for next year, 365… 364…

    Seriously though. Please write more. Or should I remind you of how you blogged once many countdowns ago, about how you did not think you would lose the drive to keep writing – not if people still visited your blog? Your hit counter will tell you what you need to know.

    I know. I know. I ended up reminding you anyways. 🙂 Brijwhiz – you’ve gotta start obliging your fans again sometime.

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