Got HP: The Deathly Hallows : Prelude

Visiting Harry Potter after exactly a year (+4days:)) I thought I would write this post in a symmetrical manner to the one about getting the Half-Prince one.

Once again got it first day first show – this time around 7:30 am. And this time there was an actual queue I had to stand in unlike two years ago:)

1. Will again start of the cover. The only cover available in India is the children version:( Since I had no option I had to go ahead with it. Not yet checked the alternate covers.Will hop over to Amazon and other sites to check them out after writing this post.

My cover
Harry potter children

Really loved the insleeve with the Stag Patronus. Funnily in India we got the UK versions(£17.99 was the price shown)

Here’s the adult version – sexy cover.
Harry potter sedate
2. Once again not a very long tome. 607 pages to be exact.

3. Once again the story is flowing pretty well. Managed to finish it in one sitting. With the obvious comfort breaks I finished it in a little under 8 hours. I will reserve judgment on where it stands with respect to the other books in the series.

4. Once again I do not like the price point. INR975/- at Crossword was too steep even with the INR200/- gift coupons. Just invites the pirates according to me. But then again maybe it’s just me:) [Caveat – some shops were selling for less. However I had already pre-booked]

All in all a very enjoyable day. I was very happy I picked it up and read it before the stupid news media spoilt the ending for everyone. Too tired to write the review though. Hope to be able to do that by tomorrow.


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