The blogosphere has become a vivid reflection of society…

…a society where below the veneer of respectability there is crassness, intolernace and a susceptibility for violence and degrading acts. A society where women just do not get the rights and respect they deserve.

For details of the specific incident you can launch off Scoble’s article –

This is one reason so many of my friends, including my wife, are scared of publishing on the net. In today’s world being frank and open can make you a very easy target for intolerant idiots.

And please do not tell me that you can threaten somebody and that is all rght as long as you do not do the act. As Kathy rightly points out in her blog, the threat itself is enough to derail a person’s life – to make a person start looking over their shoulders day and night. This is no less intense than a terrorist threat and should be treated as such!!!

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