UltraViolet – the movie

Ultra Violet

After Aeon Flux let us take on another ultra-stylish, sci-fi, kick-ass, neo-punk, chick flick – Ultra Violet.
UV poster

Now I will not go into the silly double review stuff I did with Aeon Flux. At the core it is almost the same movie!!!:) The story is indeed very different but once again the story is secondary to the Gun Kata trained Milla Jovovich in red, white and multicolored tight-ass leather outfits with cool weapons and an ultra-cool sword. Ands hats what the movie is about.
Guns blazing

Yup there are interesting gadgets, but just jump over to the links to read more about them.
2 guns

In conclusion what differentiates the two movies?
One has CT the other MJ; one is tight ass black or white outifts, the other has more colour(especially the vermillion outfit); both fight gracefully and both fight hard. So the choice comes down, as it often does in life, to personal choice. And for me that means I have to go with Aeon Flux.

BTW if you were wondering, the movie is worth a one time watch. It does have some real good stunt sequences.


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