Aeon Flux – The movie

Aeon Flux – hmmm…

The U-rated review:

Ho-hum sci-fi ACTION thriller. Interesting in parts. Not to bad if you haven’t paid through your nose to watch it. The main attraction – Charlize Theron in kick-ass outfits kicking ass.
Time for you children to please leave the room now.

The 15+ review:


Most sci-fi when brought onto the big screen fizzles out quickly. Somehow it never reaches the heights of its origins in books, comics or an MTV series. Still most movies should be able to break even these days as a result of them being watchable and mildly interesting, thanks to hi-tech work in today’s movies.

If I were an an emotionless critic I would have to say that this movie just about passes muster. Rent it if you can and do not expect much.


However as earlier mentioned I am not a critic. So my take –

For all you MF$%*ing, c*$! smelling, a$$ licking jerks who worship the goddess that is Charlize Theron, this movie is your shrine.
Lets be serious, we love her for her a$$ not her acting talents. Yah yah monster was great – hoo ha!!! Here’s the Oscar for you. But that’s not what you want. You want her in tight tight outfits, graceful like a cheetah, looking super sexy be it mouthing adialogue or pulling the trigger. You want her in every scene, doing calisthenics for you, killing off the bad guys like she was tomorrow’s James F$%*ing Bond. She’s Fonzie and she’s Lady Siva, she’s the kick ass rebel merc with the face of an angel. She’s all you want her to be and then a little more.

Now don’t be shy, don’t tell me you were watching the grass, you naughty boy. Its all right. That’s why the movie was made – to worship her.

So get out there and but a copy so you can watch her again and again.

And for all you uptight b$%^*%ds out there, there is a story; I think!!!


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