Oink Oink…

…welcome back in this here year of the Pig!!!
Fantastic coincidence this – pigging out on pigs in the year of the pig.
Blame my absence to the aforementioned pigging out:)

Ok, alright, it is not that bad 😉 I am just in my solitary moods, you know the snarling, hypersensitive, I wanna be left alone, Wolverine moods. But then again that’s not a true state of affairs either. I mean, I have being traipsing around the country, in enjoyable company, swapping old jokes, playing cards and dominoes and all in all enjoying myself.

Still I am largely in my solitary shell (except when I am not) – not been here for a long long time – and me like, as long as it is for a short time – which it is:D Of course I am happy and in good spirits too ;D

Cheers mates, don’t worry overmuch, that’s a result of an overload of Sandman (- that and Sarat has been unleashed on an unsuspecting populace)

To get back on track, my apologies, once again given too freely, for absonding from this here hallowed ground. Just been so sucked up with work that… Well no excuses – guilty as charged.
The time though, has been well spent with many a book and movie having passed me these few days. So as you can visualise I have a lot of material. Just need to be disciplined enough to sit down and write it.

So I have decided to challenge myself. I will make a shopping list and anchor it here. If I am unable to finish it by the 21st of January 2007. After that time if I do no finish the whole list anyone who asks will get a round of drinks from me (subject to whenever you meet me and as long as you ask in January itself.) Of course you get the drinks even if I finish it but this round will be sponsored by my good friend (Thanks for the offer Venks, you know how it is, every challenge needs a prize. And you are an oilman after all;))

So here’s my shopping list, in no particular order:

1. Food.
2. Dune
3. When the last sword is drawn.
4. Dogma.
5. Once a thief – by John Woo.
6. Aeon Flux.
7. London.
8. Ipswich.
9. Beer.
10. Food.
11. Dune – the film.
12. Civil War.
13. Cars.
14. Cars – the film.
15. MK.
16. Christmas.
17. New Years.
18. Kenshin.
19. Manga.
20. Roadside Food.
21. ebay.
22. Blockbuster
23. Ben Nevis and Snow.
24. Dominoes.
25. Misc buys.
26. Porky’s
27. Sandman.
28. Flight.
29. JLA
30. Port Wine.
31. Christmas foods.
32. Kaiser Chiefs.
33. A good friend and his Wii.
34. Infernal Affairs.
36 Sin City – the novels.
37. Edinburg.
38. Xmen – The last Stand
39. Dune – the movie
40. Goal!
41. JSA.
42. Misc softwares
43. Rudebox
44. Malayalam Movies
45. Fear And Trembling
46. Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels
47. Ultraviolet
48. Blogs around
49. Gym
50. Food:D

I think I should stop here – else I might let Venky off the hook;)


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