Forced bachelorhood in the Queen’s backyard

Update: The title seems to have come out all wrong :D.
Yup, Have landed up in UK for some work and have had to come alone, as the missus cannot get any leave right now. Yah, yeah, smirk away thinking how lucky I am. Let me tell you the novelty of staying on your own becomes old real fast(or two weeks o be more exact:) ) However thanks to the net I can still communicate a lot and that’s real cool.
Have spent my time here working. And when I am not working I am reading a lot (beautiful libraries the British have, the one I freqent is the Ipswich County Library) The other thing I am enjoying doing is watching movies. Caught some real gems on DVD. I most probably will add more posts on the books and movies later on.

So that’s where I am and what I am doing. Am once again active in orkut. Also on Skype.



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