I loved DON


There I said it. Very politically incorrect statement to say but its true! I loved the original DON and I loved the new one. The greatness of the older version was twofold – one, it had one of the best twists in a bollywood film – two, it was a sentimental favourite due to the Big B. I never thought I would love another version. But I do. The new DON is even better than the older one. It kept the same meter as the older one, while taking adventurous tangents wherever possible. And it fulfilled all the same goals as the older one. It is stylish, has the current king of Bollywood as DON and has wonderful wonderful twists (unluckily I cannot discuss these twists without giving up the plot 😦 ) However being stylish it should be boring for the generic bollywood fan:( – their loss 🙂
I enjoyed the whole experience, including SRK(sorry Venky), and the only grouch I have is that the film could have ended 5 mins earlier without any explanation for an even tighter story. but then that’s Hollywood.


5 thoughts on “I loved DON

  1. Yup, totally agree about the twists ….they were paisa vasool….and the ending need not have explained everything. The songs (other than the classics) were pretty crappy.

    Is SRK is the man to play Don? 🙂 not so sure…

  2. I really like the detail though. Did you notice that the pattern on the short that SRK wears for “Khaike…” is the same pattern that one sees on the vest worn by AB for the same song!!!

  3. WOAH!!!! Talk about powers of observation with SRK’s chaddi vs. AB’s banian!!

    Were you looking for clues…or just caught this accidentally? in any case…hats off! 🙂

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