Amritsar Trip – Day Three – Stomach lets me down – spends day the Amritsari way.

3rd Oct

Awake at 3:30 a.m. The whole household is slowly waking up. Got to catch the bus at 6amThe usual worries – Water shortage in overhead tank-try to obtain more water-everyone has to take a bath. The usual stuff and again, as is usual, all problems are ironed out and people are ready to go. Unluckily I could not go due to very bad stomach. I tried my best and was all ready, looking dapper and all, but at the end I was not ready for taking a risk with a six hour journey and uncontrollable plumbing:(

Ended up missing out all the fun and an interesting trip. Kangda seemed to be a great place in the … Close to Dharmshala. Damn my stomach! Will make that trip one day though!!!

Went over to a dr. Karbanda Singh who gave me a combination of allopathic and ayurvedic medicine. Whatever it was it was damn effective and put a stopper in my works. Like the attitude of the doc – allopathy, ayurveda or homeopathy, prescribe anything as long as the work gets done:) Maybe IT engineers should learn something from this!

Spent a large part of the day resting, in other words living the Amritsari way. Had some fabulous dal chawal with curd and felt much better. Later, on a whim, took the opportunity to go with my cousin to Wagha border. The border itself was interesting and in some ways different from the idea of a border that one learns about in text books. I mean somehow I expected there to be some differnce in the landscape. i don’t know what I was expecting – maybe I thought Pakistan would be completely wrapped in an Isalmic green colour or some such bullshit. There is no damn difference – the same land, the same water, the same palnts and the same people. Just an electrified fence pulled across the face olf the land. Borders are much easier to define on books and maps, methinks.

The ceremony was more confusing.. The actual “beating of the retreat” was interesting but the action was some distance away; and with the large crowd that had gathered to watch the proceedings it was difficult to watch every detail. The disappointing part of the proceedings was that it is being promoted as a show with jingoistic overtones. There was this commentator exhorting people to keep repeating ” Bharat ma ki jai” and all that stuff. I expected a solemn ceremony and it was more like a carnival show 😦

Did not have my camera with so could not take any pics. However it is not the best of places tot ake pics from the Indian side as the sun is in our face, due tot he event happening during sunset 😦

What I really really liked about the trip to wagha border was the beautiful semi-rural area around Amritsar. Someone should buy a farmhouse there – real fertile land and wonderful people. No wonder most people who have visited the Punjabi countryside always come back with love for Punjab.

Then it was back home and lots of discussions, debates, arguments and generally pulling each other’s legs. And this was just 3-5 of us who had not amde the trip. The actual party returned from Kangda at 1:00 am and still had the energy to discuss all the happenings there.

All in all a jolly family get-together:)

In my last post I forgot to link to the Wikipedia Site on Amritsar
My tayaji stays next door to the famous Khalsa College just off the Grand Trunk Road(which is history itself). Here is the photo of the beautiful building it is housed in:

Also found this article on the ceremony at wagha border. Will i think it is just posturing and not as serious as the writer protrays there are many good points made in the article.
Another interesting site I found was this blog site with lots of pics Beautiful pics from the top of the Harmandir Saheb.


5 thoughts on “Amritsar Trip – Day Three – Stomach lets me down – spends day the Amritsari way.

  1. I have seen the Wagah border on TV. I suppose, families are split apart (because of partition) and many come by, to catch a glimpse of a relative they have only seen in photos. And watching a little sideshow from the soldiers doesn’t hurt at all. It’s quite comical in this day and age.

  2. nice …
    would love to go to the border & Ladakh as well … sad to hear about the retreat ceremony tho …
    and as for your belly … I’m glad I’m veggie πŸ˜€

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