Khosla ka Ghosla – an honest to goodness movie.

Khosla Ka Ghosla
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Technically the movie was not too great. Just a little better than am amateur movie made on a handycam. I will have to agree that some of the video perspectives were really good. But nothing great to write home about.

Then again this movie was never about technicalities. Neither is it about actors or even the story (though both the acting and the story were fairly good). It is about a common man getting caught in the clutches of the land mafia. It is about his dreams for himself and his family. It is about bonding, or at least trying to, with your son who lives in a different world than yours. It is about the happiness a hardworking family man has in making the nameplate of his would-be home. The film catches all of these emotions beautifully. It is not a comedy, though there are comic moments( I especially like some of Navin Nischol’s lines). It is not a tragedy, though there are moments which makes one feel so. It is not romantic either. It is an honest to goodness movie about life in urban India(with specific nuances of Delhites). A flavour of any 70’s Amol Palekar movie. And it is a must watch!

I saw the movie at one of the PVR theatres. I was impressed – great sound great lighting. The only thing that stung was the surcharge in everything. I mean sixty bucks for a hotdog is just a little too much in my book. The interesting thing is their gold class but that’s a rant for another time.


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