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Watchmen UK Cover
Found it at Blossoms and picked it up immediately.

Did not find anything totally innovative about the story per se, except for the fact that the characters being super-heroes made all the difference. However considering that this novel was written in the eighties and further, most graphic novels after that has based itself on this seminal piece of graphic art, I guess that I have got a little jaded with my expectations. Nonetheless it is more literature than comic. This novel both surprised me and shocked me (albeit mildly). The story seemed to be going the standard super-hero way till the shit hits the fan and the heroes are exposed for what they are – normal people of all types.

Interesting styles are used for telling the story, and again considering it’s age these techniques are nothing short of pioneer work. The best a-ha moment I had was while reading the “ordinary” comic story within this story. This was about a pirate ship and man! was it good. I almost missed it in mhy first reading s I was in a hurry to finish the original piece. Thankfully I did not rush through.

All in all a purchase well worth it. Thanks to Blossoms once again:)

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