Blossoms (more correctly Blossom Book House – I think) at Bangalore

Once again I was in Bangalore and once again I was at Blossom(s).

Man! I absolutely love this place. I am sure my wife does not; considering the amount of money I spend here ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anyways the surprise this time was the number of graphic novels they had – all the best ones – all of Batman and Superman – all of Sandman – Maus – Watchmen et al. It was like being in a wonderland. While I sit back and enjoy my memories of the place why don’t you go over to Bangalore and drop over at Blossoms.

The address is
Blossom Book House
House of Used Books
#84/6, Opp. Amoeba, Church Street,
Bangalore -1. Ph:+91 (0) 80 – 2532 0400 / 2555 9733
email: blossombookhouse_at_rediffmail_dot_com

Of course more details on the books I bought there will follow. The most interesting part was the talk I had with Mr. Karunakara(if I remember his name correctly) who was in-charge of the shop. I was discussing how I wanted to buy more but could not as it would not fit in my inflight baggage. Immediately he gave me the option of calling him up anytime and giving him my order and he would courier the books to my home in Pune. Super Cool, I say!

Sorry about the confusion with the name but they seem to interchangebly use the names:) For eg. their home page and bookmarks call the shop Blossom – however the title bar says Blossoms ๐Ÿ˜€
P.S: Please do not go by the site – the bookshop is manifold times better than their site.

Some other references.
1. Blossoms, near Coconut Grove Restaurant, Church Street (parallel to MG Road),+91 80-2559733,+91 80-25320400 – For those dreamy old books, there are 3 full floors of them. You definitely won’t leave be disappointed
2. My first visit to the shop was a hurried one (with a colleague breathing down my neck), second late at night when they were rushing to close and third a relaxed one which yielded the proverbial pot of gold at end of the rainbow bookshelf.


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