Devastating News

Lost a very good friend today.
Really felt he would pull out of this coma and recover.
Did not happen. Got issues with HIM.
I cannot even begin to fathom what must be happening to his family.

Feeling very very guilty for taking my friends and family for granted.
Maybe only the sinners will be left after all. Maybe we are the only ones who will survive.

Life goes on…went to office…attended meetings…smiled at the right moments…wrote the mails…checked the designs….

Out of office … life has stopped … I cannot believe the news…I don’t want to believe!!!



3 thoughts on “Devastating News

  1. Sometimes Life sux… we just become immune to all this and then it hits us hard… that we missed the opportunity to makeup for lost time …. I can only think of one thing…. It shouldn’t have been him.

  2. My condolences. Its hard to digest loss of somebody. Suddenly you start thinking what was to make up. But the time has gone…..

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