The Ol’Birdie has got it right.

Dickie Bird says the umpires in the Oval Test were wrong to punish Pakistan for ball tampering without ‘concrete evidence’.

[Check out his audio at BBC]

And by jove, he is right. How in the name of hell can an umpire accuse a team when not one camera caught anything wrong happening. Change the ball if you want to but don’t play God mate!!!

Some would say he was impartial – I say he is a moron (if he is not an outright racist). Inzamam is right – in South Asian cricket calling a team a cheat is calling the Whole damn country a cheat. And I don’t think Pakistan is a cheat, inspite of all the times they trashed us. I still remember how all the “Whites” used to call Imran’s teams cheats till they learnt to reverse swing:)

Still I would have said Pakistan was in the wrong to not come out immediately after tea and would have agreed to Inzamam being punished for that – but wait we had a bigger prima donna- Mr Darell Moronic Hair would not budge to get back on the bleeping field.

I hope he does not officte another match – but then again the case has gone in front of the second biggest morons of all times, number one being Sepp Blatter and FIFA, the ICC. God save the game!!!

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One thought on “The Ol’Birdie has got it right.

  1. Kinda feel that the problem for Inzi was that if they took the field without staging something larger than a token (end of the day types) protest, it would be tacitly agreeing to the insinuation that some serious infraction had taken place.

    Conversely, if he doesn’t take the field – protest or not – it’s going to be a forfeiture. Otherwise, to resume the game after all that would mean that any team could sufficiently play cry-baby if anything remotely untoward or unacceptable happened (and I must emphasize Pak was not playing “cry baby” ) and get away with it.

    Poor Inzi.

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