The July Stash at My!

  • Motorola Papr gave me a kick to see – even if it was just an April fool’s joke. Maybe this is how the Razr would look after I sit on it 🙂



  • “Books aren’t written – they’re rewritten. Including your own. It is one of the hardest things to accept, especially after the seventh rewrite hasn’t quite done it.”
    -Michael Crichton

            Yup that’s right. Found this quote on another 37signals page titled Writing words vs. writing software. I found this a very thoughtful article. makes one think. I thought i as blogging to write better. But then again Blogs are such an instant gratification tool that one does not really get a chance to rewrite. So am I really making my writing better or is it just getting easier to put my trash out here 😀

 Another interesting quote which is very topical for me is the following

“Remember this: Don’t spend too much time visiting writing groups. You are not writing then. You are writing when you are WRITING.”(source)

I think I have lost this reality in trying to get things perfect the first time.

So folks Re-Write or as one of the commenterspointed out,  from a software perspective – Re-Factor


  • Another “Why I Love Apple” article. Has some interesting points from an interface designers perspective.


  • How convenient of us to eat the cake, and then look at the government for cleaning up! Sounds a bit socialist, but tell me if there is no truth here.

This line echoes the voice of my heart in many ways, especially considering the line previous to this one.

We expect to get help at home for a few hundred rupees a month and at the same time, want these folks to find ‘legal’ housing within the city.

So did the article containing these quotes. For more check out the blog Checking encroachment and slums over at Metroblogging Bangalore.



  • This trackback tutorial was to learn about how trackbacks work in WordPress. Very well written and easy to understand.


  • Another very interesting post I read in July was this post on Oblique Searching Strategies. Hop over if you have even a passing interest in all things connected to search. Personally I am a little tired of Google giving me the same results again and again:) 


  • Another Search related article was Search 2.0 vs Traditional Search. Found a lot of innovations in search here. Disclaimer: Am still not using any of the new technogies🙂









  • My mentor says this is ploy by a group of scientists who want to disprove the Black Hole theory. Again I am not fit enough to comment. Decide for yourself by jetting over to this NewScientistSpace article.


  • Two articles on Anthony Bourdain who was in Beirut when it was being shelled by Israel. I love this guy and that’s how I went to these links. I know the articles are dated now but what the hell, have a read. The first one is Bourdain in Beirut and the other one is The Shwarma and the Sharpnel Episode. The latter article is quite detailed postings by Bourdain. Intersting how the common Lebanese was least interested in the fundamental factions. reminds one of India. Check out what he says:


Anthony Bourdain: I can only tell you what I saw in my limited experience. As it happened, I was standing with a Sunni, Shiite and a Christian when Hezbollah supporters started to fire automatic weapons in the air celebrating the kidnapping of the Israeli soldiers as a few supporters drove by the three people I was with all instantaneously took on a look of shame and embarrassment as if a dangerous and unstable little brother had once again brought the whole family into peril. At no time during my 10 days in Beirut did I ever hear an anti-Semitic or even explicitly anti-Israeli statement. To the contrary, there was a universal sense of grim resignation and inevitability to what Israel’s reaction would be. Dating to the first seconds after Hezbollah started firing in the air, we were a largely Jewish crew. The last person to leave us as Lebanese fled in droves, was the Shiite from south Beirut. We had to plead with him to leave us and join his family. His house was later destroyed.(source)



And that’s all for July 😀


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