Details about my side-bar that you might have missed.

Dear readers I have been looking at my blog, transfixed as usual-the narcissist that I am:), when it strikes me that I had made a lot of changes to my sidebar and forogt to inform all of you. Sorry mates!

So here goes –

  • About,  Hit-counter, Search and Calender.


  • About: Well this is where I have added a page, follow the “About” link. the interesting thing here is the ability to have many pages in Woerdpress. These pages are constructed the same time as the blog page. However they are static in nature as opposed to the dynamic nature of the main blog page. Watch that area for more pages to add. {Hint to Sarat and Vikas: This is where you can hang your stories and poems}
  • Hit Counter: I like the title “…” πŸ˜€ Well nothing much to add – that is my ego meter. Keep hitting me whenever you can 8)
  • Search:  As the name suggests, this is the search tool for this blog.
  • Calender: Again obvious. Click the bold dates to see the posts written on that day.


  • Recent Comments.


This is one real cool widget. What this area basically does is display the latest comments made. This is great because it gives me as well as the other readers an idea about the latest comments made. WordPress has a wonderful management system where one can see all the comments made on one’s blog in the dashboard . Still, I really like this widget too as it helps publish those comments to the general world. It also gives an idea about the state of activity on the blog.

Keep an eye on this one πŸ™‚


  • Recent posts.


Nothing much to explain here. Just the past few posts.


  • Brij’s Watering Hole.

Now this one is THE KILLER WIDGET. Using this widget one can attach any RSS feed output here. I have used it to attach the feed of my Links Blog. This way one can check what I am posting over at my links area:) Do keep checking this space and leave your comments there too πŸ˜‰

  • My

Another Killer Widget. is by itself a revolution and great for sharing links over the new Web. What I use it is for temporarily keeping interesting link as well as some links that I think afre important. The difference between this and my links blog – there is no description or anything extraordinary about these blogs. Not realy worth blogging immediately. However it does keep a state of my mind in the sense that it gives an idea of where my attention is. Further is useful in the sense that if you feel I Should be looking at any specific you can add it to my Sweet ain’t it πŸ˜€

The Blogroll and Categories, followed by the meta area et all is pretty obvious and not worth any explanation.


Thanks for you time.

A Happy Independence Day to all Indians.


P.S: Writing this using Windows Live Writer (Beta) Quite useful! Venky you need this to replace your scratchpad.


2 thoughts on “Details about my side-bar that you might have missed.

  1. Have been wanting to say this for a while now … better late than never!
    I have *always* been amazed at your knowledge about blogging and the internet in general even with out the blazing fast internet speeds! I have mentioned this to Soumya more than once that if you had a 5mbps line like most of us here do – I can’t even begin to imagine the kind of stuff you would have done!
    Keep it up dude … u never cease to impress me.


  2. Quite undeserved the praise considering – but I will continue with my thought or else it will be just scratching each other’s backs. Wrt internet – I guess i just have more time on my hands:)

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