History repeats itself once again.

Round about this time last year.
This year – same story. In the interior farms deluged, shelters drowned, lives lost. And the weather man speaks Greek – at least it sounds that way to me.


3 thoughts on “History repeats itself once again.

  1. I think the meteorology dept. in Colaba, Bombay last year (after the 26/7 deluge) did mention that Doppler Radars could/should be installed which would drastically improve forecasting – especially for small local regions. However, for some reason the govt. has not yet acquired one – esp. for an area like Bombay which receives so much rainfall.

    I completely support acquiring Doppler Radars. These are by far the most accurate in reading cloud and precipitation activity. And you can literally look at a real time reading to figure out if there’s any rain heading your way for the next few mintues or for the hour, or if the current spell of rain is going to move away anytime soon.

    And current forecasting models that use data from dopplers could help in better weather forecasting in general. Satellite views are great – but are not very useful when it comes to localized reporting. And people really want to know more about what happens in their area.

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