Celebrity Face Match

Intrigued by Raoul’s post I hopped over to the My Heritage site. Since I had no pics of myself i took a quick and dirty one using my webcam – you know the grainy CNN-war-time-coverage-reporter-talking-through-satellite-phone style. I thought maybe I look like Alfred Hitchcock now. The matches that came up quite surprised me.

David Seaman – 63% (Not Bad) t4751_85_128.jpg
Tiger Woods – 63% (Yah Baby;)) t19110_96_128.jpg
Jawaharlal Nehru – 58% (That’s cool) t9335_96_128.jpg
William Randolph Hearst – 56% t20145_96_128.jpg
Sani Abacha – 56% (this seemed to be a good match) t17592_128_128.jpg
Malcolm McDowell – 56%(Cool) t12948_96_128.jpg
Sigmund Freud – 55% (Psych me this;)) t18232_96_128.jpg
and the kicker-
Rani Mukherjee -54% 😀 t16272_96_128.jpg

And if we you are wondering what the photo I uploaded looked like:picture-1.jpg


4 thoughts on “Celebrity Face Match

  1. Would be fun to input a large smiley to the face-match program. Been meaning to try it out for a while now. Will let you know what results turn up!

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