Some people just don’t get it! In fact most people do not get it!!! aka “quoting out of context”

I have stopped being sarcastic and caustic in emails for sometime now. Why? Some people just do not get it – and then a whole thread is hijacked on vitriolic attacks and a flame war ensues.

Take the case of the BloggersCollective group. This group was basically set up to fight try to fight the blocking of domains by the Indian government in the name of fighting terrorism. Most of us felt that something called as freedom of speech does exist in some form in India and should be retained, especially in the blogosphere. Now a lot of people cannot understand why this should be more important than the Mumbai Blasts or why it should get so much coverage in the blogs. I have my thoughts on that and shall elaborate once my mind is cooler.

So in this environment there is no doubt that such a group of independant thinkers will be like a dysfunctional family. Into this fray was thrown a thread Like any thread it seesawed between various thoughts till it hit a roadblock at the following post:

> I am not a NRI hater. I hold them below contempt.
> Neha should know better than to talk about terrorism and freedom of
> speech to me ( I am sure you are an analyst with Infoys.)
> Tne entire point has flown over your head.
> Go watch some Bollywood flick and be done with it.

> Sunil
> (from Mumbai which suffered the blast and not London,)

Awww! Poor you! Someone blew up a train in your city and you didn’t
even get a t-shirt. Here, take some sympathy.

[Please read through the entire thread to get the complete context The above is just the turning point.]
The last line created a fire under Sunil and from then on the thread has been burning. The last line according to me has been a classic black humour Monty Python-ese sarcasm at it’s best and an apt reply to the NRI bashing. Callous – quite possible if read out of context – but a great put down. Continue to read the whole post to see the ridiculous limits that Sunil is going to prove a point. Well worth a read if only for having a laugh.

Oh yes – before Sunil flames me let me point out in no uncertain terms that I am a Mumbaikar and Puneri, I have family in Bombay and was affected by the blasts. I have full fith in Mumbai and it’s spirit – having lived throught he riots and the earlier blasts and my prayers are always with her. I surely do not want thugs like Sunil defending this great city.

For the post on Sunil’s pages jump over to his site. Continue to read the whole site – his other posts are much better, seriously, not stupid indulgent pseudo-intelligent posts like you find here.

For Kiran’s reaction check out his post


3 thoughts on “Some people just don’t get it! In fact most people do not get it!!! aka “quoting out of context”

  1. I thought Kiran’s comments were absolutely priceless! :))

    And I don’t know about the difference between intelligence and pseudo-intelligence. All I know is that there are wise people in the world and then there are those that are utterly foolish. And then finally there are the mediocre many like me straddling both groups – not quite here nor there.

    Sunil’s doing a bit of the same. And unfortunately for now – he’s come off so utterly foolish… well… honestly any credibility he has is shot. Shot real bad.

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