Dig a hole and drop a kid…

…this may be what people will do in the future, taking account the amount of money put forth by the Central and State government.

Sorry, I am just a wee bit cynical today.

First check Aman’s post.

Hey, the Prince saga deserves our sympathy and any help or prayers that we could give. People botched up the rescue quite a lot but the end result was that the kid was safe. And he deserves all the accolades he gets as he was one super kid, brave through the ordeal.

The PM’s offer for free medical expense was really good. I support that 100%. if the governments wanted to do more they should have done the following:
1. Give him a annual medical package till a certain time, say 10 years of age.
2. Made sure they invested money into his higher studies – say open a PPF for him so only he can take out the money when he is in his teens.

Giving a lumpsum is just attracting people to try all kinds of stunts to get this kind of relief from the government.

But the again, like I said, I am just a wee cynical today!!!


4 thoughts on “Dig a hole and drop a kid…

  1. What has annoyed me more is the kind of media coverage. The stupid Star TV network refused to show any other news. No mention of mumbai blasts investigation. Nothing. It kept on showing prince’s ordeal. Don’t get me wrong, Prince needed to be saved, but not showing any other news for 2 days was just a plain joke, especially when blasts rocked the city just 15 days back. Government has announced a package for prince, but has it done anything to the people who left this well open and unprotected?

    What pissed me even more was that once prince was rescued, this same tv network showed videos of people in mumbai, delhi… celebrating by bursting crackers, dancing. “mumbai mirror” had a full page article where one female refused to eat food till Prince was rescued. There are thousands of people who are battling for their lives in some way or the other. Will these tv stations cover any of it in such graphic detail? Will this female fast for any of them?

    Ah yes, seeing people claim a dead body (casualty in the blasts) to get the compensation offered by the government/railways seeing people give out false information about the terrorists to get 25 lakhs, I agree with you, people will dig up holes and throw their children in and call the TV news networks.

  2. I was living in krypton for a while, and I fail to understand why the govt was to be blamed here. There was a hole in the ground, isn’t it the people who are staying nearby to take preventive measures.

    I live on a streeet with open manholes (sometimes), open gutters, construction work going around, yet no one complains until an accident occurs.

    We are all quick to blame the govt. for any reason. But we never blame ourselves for not taking action .

  3. I am slightly confused mate(Neville) I am not complaining to the govt about the hole in the ground. My only grouch is the way they use money. So am i right in assuming you are not pointing specifically at the post but rather at the general views going around.

  4. yup, I was just ranting at some tv channels who decided to have a sms poll or something to that effect on whether it was the govt’s fault.

    BTW, I don’t think any penny is going to reach Prince or his family. They can very well dream on.

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