The cyber ruckus is over … for now.

It seems that the ISPs were too enthusiastic (or technical morons…take your pick) and banned whole domains when they had been asked to only block a few sites. Of course this brings to fore a lot of questions but the immediate news(albeit a couple of days old) is that Blogspot and Typepad are un-blocked.

Now the concerns:
1. Why was there no notificaion from either the government or the ISPs of this move?
2. Does the government really think it can police the internet?
3. What is so special about the sites that the government has banned. Most of them seem to just show an opposing view to the government in power? For more read the IE report
4. Is this the first step to a police state?

Many points to ponder. Check more press coverage at the Wiki Site. Go to Bloggers Against Censorship for more info.


One thought on “The cyber ruckus is over … for now.

  1. Well… this all seems in some way related to people trying to come to grips with – “how do we react appropriately” to horrible events like these?

    While its unclear as to what should be done, whats getting clearer with 9/11 and 7/11 is what shouldn’t be. And knee-jerk reactions are absolutely positively the stupidest things to do in these situations. Carpet bombing, sabre rattling, and jingoism is just more of “I bet my penis is larger than yours” kinda talk. Chastened governments love to go after scapegoat targets just to show off – how big and strong they are. It takes them forever to catch the shadowy, more harmful actual culprits. Public’s got little patience tho. Need to show em they’re doing something – anything. Remember the old office saying,”If you don’t have any work, just keep your head down, walk real fast and act like you’re real busy!”

    Alas, increasingly though it seems to me that some kind of police state, or at least a surveillance state is definitely in the offing. At least in the future of all modern states.

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