Blogspot Banned in India

Astonishing but true. BSNL implemented the ban from around half an hour ago. Seems there is a government notification to all ISPs to ban blogspot sites, potentially due to it being used by terrorists. No clear info has come from the government but across the country all the ISPs are banning blogspot sites. Really hope the Indian Government is not taking a knee-jerk reaction and going the China way. It ould be like throwing out the baby with the bath water. Serves me right for laughing at US’s homeland security policy.

the news has made The Mercury News Blog, DIGG and BoingBoing(digg picked the BoingBoing article).

Blogger are getting together at the BloggersCollective.

For all the reactions of the Indian Bloggers hop over to Protests By Bloggers.


One thought on “Blogspot Banned in India

  1. The Indian Govt. decided to ban certain sites on blogpost. So all ISPs were told to do this. But I think they don’t have the technology to do this and they just blocked all sites with .

    If you wanna see these sites, goto and paste the blogpost URL in the textbox and happy surfing

    If it doesn’t work then try other free annonymous servers using google search.
    P.S> I had to type this twice. I hope it goes this time

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