Bombay lifeline blasted, life moves on.

[UPDATE: Blog-Mumbai Help Blast Related]
Yesterday Bombay was rocked by a total of eight blasts on it’s life line- the western line. It was heartrending to see the innards of the backbone of Bomabay twisted and gnarled. However this was nothing compared to the loss in human life – so close to everyone. To add to the misery the mobile lines were down leading all of us wating in panic with bated breath till our loved ones came home.

The numbers are coming in now and it is hard to realise how it has touched almost every life. It makes one angry – the problem is what to be angry with?

As for Bombay – nothing can stop her – it is back to life. Try stopping my father from going to work just because a “few” bombs went off. He is out there on his normal route to and from office and so is my sister. Like my mom said – it is fate, one cannot stop living, life goes on.

However this time it has been more personal. My cousin had a narrow escape due to the fact that she was in the ladies compartment and this was some distance away from the first class bogie which blew up. Two friends of my father, one of them his mentor, lost their lives yesterday. Sorry about that dad. Please convey our condolences to the families.

I really don’t know what to write any more. Zidanes head butt seems so inconsequential all of a sudden.

Thanks guys for the calls and mails. I had thought I would link to news items but to be frank I really don’t feel like it. Megz could hardly sleep yesterday after watching the news on TV.

Take care and please thank God for every day we get to live.
P.S:this link put some life into me so I could not help but link to it : Bombay can take it
Also a thought for the unlucky valley of Kashmir which was balsted once more yesterday.


2 thoughts on “Bombay lifeline blasted, life moves on.

  1. Sure Bombay can take it, but this makes me think its time to give it back too.
    Bombay always goes back to work the next day – but I think we should make it clear to everyone- Bombay goes back to business, not because she doesnt care, but she actually dares.

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