No – not because Italy won. They won it fair and sqare and played very well to deny France the chances. Even the first penalty was dicey and if the defender had not had his leg raised it would never have been a penalty. Again to be fair to France they were denied a clear penalty later – c’est la vie.

What shattered me was Zidane’s head-butt. What the $%&@!!! I tried to explain it to myself. Rather than see my icon fall I told myself that he had a shoulder injury – maybe Materazzi worsened it in some way. Pain has known to make people go crazy. Or maybe he said something extremely disparaging. Still whatever he did Zidanae should have know better. In the last 10 mins of his footballing life he SHOULD not have lost his cool. HE SHOULD NOT HAVE!!!

Like the title reads I am shattered. I remember seeing the rest of the match in a daze. Somebody won somebody lost there were a lot of fireworks but nothing registered. I lost all spirit.

The only image in my mind that remains is of the fall of an icon.
The walk of shame

P.S: Really like this one
What Materazzi said to Zidane to spark the attack?
Materazzi asked Zidane — “Hum Chloromint kyun khaate hain” 😀

flinched from freegeek’s site.

[UPDATE: Zidane’s interview]

[UPDATE: Interesting news at The Age

FIFA president Sepp Blatter explained that Zidane’s red card was not the reason he failed to reappear on the pitch after the match.

“I was told that at the end of the game, the French federation executives asked Zidane to go and receive his medal and he replied that he didn’t deserve any medal,” Blatter said.

I thought he did not appear because of the red card. Btw I was reading about Radheya and found many parrallels, as usual:)]

[UPDATE: I am happy too]


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