Vive le Bleu!

yes, Yes, YES – Zizou banged that ball in and France are through. Now all that remains is for Germany to win over Portugal and I am a happy man. Mind, I am a great Figo fan and was slightly sad for him. Also, though I personally did not think that Henri took a dive (and he is no saint as he has taken the occassional dive now and then – this time there was the trailing leg of Caravalho – borne out by the fact that the normally voluble Portugese did not really contest the decision strongly), I did feel a pang of sympathy for Portugese that they were undone by a penalty. However any such feelings evaporated after seeing C.Ronaldo, Postiga and Pauleta fall around like a set of ten pins. Blah!!! Cheaters!!!
Sorry guys but it really irks me see talented guys cheat regularly. C.Ronaldo showed his talent many times yesterday with his runs towards the opposing goal – still i despise him for 2 reasons:
– a lack of vision. He does a great job of pulling away the defence but never passes it to a team-mate who might be unmarked and reasy to shoot
– Cheating when frustrated – you can depend on the fact that he will cheat.
This is the same grouch I have with some other talented players like Robben and Ruud Van Nistelrooy.
Well enough of the acidity-on with the day.
P.S: One last one;) – I was one of the spectators booing whenever Ronaldo got the ball – at the same I was praying that the booing does not raise his game:)

The pic of the day (2 of my fav players respecting each other afte the match):
Friendly Foes


3 thoughts on “Vive le Bleu!

  1. Ha ha. C. Ronaldo almost seemed like he was going to equalize a couple of times. And goalie Ricardo almost made the game-saving pass in the dying seconds of the game. What fun to watch!

    The depression is already slowly creeping in. What’s left to watch once the World Cup is over????

  2. yes, Ronaldo looked like he could have equalized – in fact if he passed the ball Portugal would have!!! Well about the game-saving pass -it was a good try and maybe it should have gone in – that would ahve been a great slap to the rest of his team if he was passing better than him. After all he did his job of goalkeeping quite well throughout the tournament.

    Actually I am still surprised that Pauleta did not get a second striker with him in the second half.

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