A sweet and sore day at the games.(aka I HATE C.RONALDO)

Whoah! This was one of the most emotional days at the games – absolutely heart-in-the mouth action.

First the heart-wrenching defeat of England. Yes they should have played better-yes Lampard and gerrard should have scored etc. etc. Still I am not really sure that Portugal deserved to win that one (Ricardo is a fantastic saver of the penalty, i will give you that) The real culprits for me – the actor/cheater Roanaldo and Sven Goran. No mood to go into the reasons.
Still it is the scoreline that matters – the victors – Portugal

The came the Brazil-France match and it was magical. Really sad that Brazil were out but they only have themselves to blame. On a day when Zizou came alive it would require a sterling performance from any team to be able to beat France, and Brazil did not look that team. Very disappointing performance by them. A great win for France. Hope they go and knock out Portugal(Though it will not be easy with Deco back) The victors – France

In short both my predictions for the day fell by the wayside. Still I am happy I did buy a lot of virtual shares in the name of France in the BBC sportDAQ🙂


2 thoughts on “A sweet and sore day at the games.(aka I HATE C.RONALDO)

  1. Hmmm…

    I have to say that I am not very pleased with the way the QF’s turned out either. But for almost apposite reasons. I guess between Argentina and Germany – I supported Argentina. The heart said ARG but the mind said GER. In the end – a close game decided by tactical errors and tense Penalty shootout.

    But I am so glad England is out. Between England and Italy was the battle for the most underperforming, boring team of the tournament. And England won that hands down. Thoroughly undeserving if you ask me that they got to the QF’s. If it weren’t for Beckham – this team would be in tatters.

    And although, second fav of mine (after ARG), Brazil lost – I realize though that unlike France’98, France beat them fair and square. I guess I’ll be rooting for France to go to the finals and face Germany. And yes – even beat them.

    I do admit tho, that I am far more happier with watching non-Europeans play football than the Euros. But sadly, its an all European Final Four. I guess long live “long pass + header” football. And goodbye to fast short passes, quick dodges, runs and counter runs, and fake dives and grimaces from the rest of the world. (Italy still carries the touch for the dramatically inclined players tho)

    🙂 Where would the world be without WC Football. Not the best WC I’ve seen so far. But hell, way better than the worst of all that I saw – Italia’90. And the plain truth is – nothing compares to the World Cup.

    Happy Semi Finals watching.

  2. I never did like Argentina always felt they were boors. I like England for the same reason. Supporting them does not feel like supporting a team of cheats.
    Italy – i don’t know – did not do it for me this time. Brazil self-imploded and unluckily on the same day that Zidane came back. it is indeed beautiful watching Zidane play.
    Still I am more a fan for the one-touch football of the Europeans than for the selfish ball-jugglery of the South Americans.

    I think Germany is a better team than France. Putting myself out there with my next post:)

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