The appetizers are gobbled up; let the main courses be served.

Just saw the last of the Round of 16 matches between France and Spain. My money was on France and I am happy they won. (Aside: Ribery is a regular Tasmanian Devil:))I feel that teams like England and France play to the level of the opposition, especially better against attacking sides.

The great news is that anywhich way they made it, victoriously or scraping through or through fair or foul means the end result is that we have a situation where 6 of the 8 teams in the quarter-finals are previous World Cup winners (Germany[1954,1974,1990],Argentina[1978,1986],Italy[1934,1938,1982],England[1966],Brazil[1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002],France[1998]) Since the only seven countries have won the Cup and the seventh country(Uruguay) did not reach the finals this time, we have all the previous winners with us. Add Portugal,the European champions and yet to be crowned as World Champions, to the mix and we really have the clash of the TITANS. Awesome!!!

The way I would like this to pan out –
30th June
GermanyGermany beats Argentina Argentina (I really don’t like the Argentina team and feel that they are hyped)
Update[1st July]: Argentina played pretty well to take it to penalties – The Victors -> Germany Of course the Argentines are always a sore loser
ItalyItaly beats UkraineUkraine (Ukraine have no chance – neither did Switzerland)
Update[1st July]: I expected a 1-0 scoreline but Italy surprised me with a 3-0 win over ukraine. Still cannot read much into it and I am pretty sure that Italy will self-destruct against the Germans.Italy wins.

1st July
EnglandEngland beats PortugalPortugal (I really think that England have much more potential and that they get better when their opponents are a class act. Further I am sure they want to be take revenge of their Euro2004 defeat)
BrazilBrazil beats FranceFrance (Again I do not think France can face Brazil – however I hope to see a great match here.)

I am pretty confident on my read of the QFs – well at least i think I am.
But now comes the tricky part the semis and I will just choose through my heart rather than my mind – so don’t quote me on this.

4th July
GermanyGermany beats ItalyItaly (I don’t think Italy can beat the German team. This match may end up being very boring unless some ones scores in the first 10 mins. I have mucho faith in Jurgen Klinsmann)

5th July
EnglandEngland beats BrazilBrazil (Yup, this is a crazy choice, an emotional one actually. Still whoever wins this semis will win the worldcup -or so I hope)

8th July
BrazilBrazil beats ItalyItaly (No doubt here – after their defeat in the semis they would be crazy not to take home some “bronzeware”)

9th July
EnglandEngland beats GermanyGermany (Germany will come second as long as the opposing team {Eng/Bra} play an attacking brand of football)

So for now my prediction:
World Cup 2006
Winner:. .England
2nd: .Germany
3rd:. .Brazil

What do you think?

P.S: A link to all 15 of Ronaldo’s goals

Flags flinched from Fifa’s main site

Update: Larko has made predictions for the quarters over at
his site
Update:More from Larko.


2 thoughts on “The appetizers are gobbled up; let the main courses be served.

  1. Pingback: Anonymous
  2. I’m not agree with you, bcoz AREGENTINA will WON today.
    And FInal will be between Brazil Vs. ?? .
    And BRAZIL will won world cup.

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