The anti-social effects of world cup lethargy

The past few weeks have been an exhausting period of football, work and general inactivity. Days have fused one into other, the movement of time only being evident in that the match being played or the meeting one attends is different each time. This general lethargic phase of living outside the confines of a calender has had the unfortunate side effect that we completely missed the birthdays of two close friends.

Still, Better late than never!

Hope you had a very Happy Birthday Soumya, and best of luck for everything you do this coming year from Magi and me. I want to wish you this time with a virtual gift from our side, a painting by J.M.W. Turner called S. Giorgio Maggiore: Early Morning This just seemed right, venice being a very beautiful city and morning being an auspicious time. Hope you like it. {Coincidence: There was a mention of this very same structure in abook I was reading recently: An Equal Music by Vikram Seth}

Now, now Venks don’t fret I have a painting for you too by the same painter. It is called The Rise Of Carthage Hope this gives you an impetus to create an impressive empire of your own:) Happy Birthday from Magi and me, by the way:)
Dido builds Carthage

P.S: Use the links to go to see the paintings in full; here it has been clipped.
UPDATE: Worked out the issue with the image size


3 thoughts on “The anti-social effects of world cup lethargy

  1. Brij n Magi
    Thanks for the wishes and for the wonderful gift! it is really nice. I shall print it out and stick it on my desk. We will talk to you guys soon.

  2. “Thank You for the birthday wishes. THe images are very very nice. I will print them and put them on my desk. Hope to talk to you guys over the weekend” – Soumya

    Awesome pics dude and dudette :). We knew the wishes were always there. WIll catch up with you soon. – Venky.

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